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Earth Day Print E-mail

Earth Day is a chance to learn and grow in our abilities to become better stewards of our planet, starting with the areas where we live and go to school or work. From the first gathering in April of 1970, Earth Day has been about sharing information on how to better take care of our planet and reduce the harm we cause to the environment.

At Edmonton Public Schools we celebrate Earth Day in many different ways. We read books about helping the environment in schools, communities and the entire planet. We take actions like cleaning up our schools and communities, recycling various materials and reducing our energy demands by learning to make do with less, or by turning off those items that we are not using.  

Each year the number of Earth Day initiatives undertaken by our schools increases.  Head over to our challenge page to participate in the Earth Day Annual "Lights Out" Challenge and to see some of the activities your school can participate in.  Also check out Earth Day Canada to see how people across Canada are celebrating!

Make everyday Earth Day. Do your part to reduce your environmental footprint at school and at home.