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Environmental Policy and Regulations Print E-mail

Edmonton Public Schools Environment Policy

The Board of Trustees for Edmonton Public Schools establishes policies (items ending with .BP) which guide the desired operation of the District.  The Superintendent of Schools, through administrative regulations (items ending with .AR), establishes specific procedures for schools and central services to implement board policy.  

In 2010 the Edmonton Public School Board adopted its first Environment policy - EO.BP Environment:

Edmonton Public Schools recognizes that the consumption of resources in the pursuit of teaching and learning impacts the environment.  The District is committed to environmental stewardship through continual improvement and modeling best practices of sustainability in the following four areas:

  • Education: the District shall promote continual awareness of the environmental impact of district operations,
  • Conservation: the District shall conduct its business in an environmentally responsible manner,
  • Protection: the District shall encourage attitudes of continual improvement and lifelong care for the environment,
  • Regulation: the District's environmental practices shall meet or exceed the existing regulations, standards, and laws, as set out by the various levels of civic, provincial, and federal government.

The application of this policy shall maintain a reasonable balance between sustainability and life cycle costs that ensures the primary role of teaching and learning is upheld.  The success of this policy is the responsibility of all Edmonton Public Schools' students, staff and community stakeholders.

For more details and to view this policy please click here.


If you have comments or suggestions regarding the District Environment Policy or regulations, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it