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Kate Chegwin School Awarded Funding from EcoCity Edmonton

Kate Chegwin Junior High School received $30,000 from the City of Edmonton’s EcoCity Edmonton community sustainability grant to install solar panels onsite that are intended to offset the electricity consumed by the schools gardening projects.

Students will also perform classroom energy audits and have the opportunity to go on field trips to NAIT in order to learn more about possible career pathways in the alternative energy industry.

The final piece of the project will see the school bring together the community and leading alternative energy groups for information sessions on solar panel installations.

Hillview School Wins the 2016 Solar Oven Challenge!

GreenLearning Canada hosts the solar oven renewable energy challenge for Canadian classes every year which challenges participants to build, test, and bake with solar ovens. Students use the solar oven construction plan provided by Re-Energy, or they design their own plans.

This year’s teachers and classes were industrious and diligent when building their various ovens, experimenting with a wide range of dishes from s’mores and omelets to cupcakes and even chocolate fondue!

Congratulations to Hillview School for taking home 1st place for most ovens built and highest heat!  Head over to the challenge page to learn more.

EPSB Student Winners: Caring for our Watershed Program

On May 14 2016, the Battle River Watershed Alliance hosted the final competition for their annual Caring For our Watersheds (CFW) program.  Of the 95 proposals submitted from across central and northern Alberta, three of the ten finalist groups were from the Edmonton Public School Division.

In total, students from W.P. Wagner and Londonderry won nearly $3900 for themselves and their schools!

The CFW competition fosters project-based learning for both junior and senior high classes, and integrates with many different aspects of science and social science curriculum. Teachers are encouraged to contact the Program Coordinator if they are interested in having an introductory class presentation, or if they want to know more about the contest.

For more information contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or visit caringforourwatersheds.com.

Hillview School Awarded Funding from EcoCity Edmonton

Hillview School's green efforts have been highlighted in a video produced by NAIT.  The school worked with the District’s Facilities Services Department and NAIT’s Alternative Energy Technology Program to have solar panels at the school.  NAIT staff and students designed and helped install the solar panels.

Energy from the solar panels provides an alternate source of power for the school and reduces the school’s environmental footprint.  Real-time data is available from the solar panels, showing how much energy is being produced.

The school received $26,000 in funding from the City of Edmonton’s EcoCity Edmonton community sustainability grant to install the solar panels onsite as a way to make the school community and city a greener place.

Queen Elizabeth School Shares Award for Greenest School in Canada

Queen Elizabeth School recently won the Greenest School in Canada award – an honour it shared with a school in Ontario. The schools will now compete at internationals for ‘Greenest School on the Earth’ where their outstanding environmental educational programming will be compared to what other countries are doing.

The award committee recognized Queen Elizabeth School for the following:

  • implementing ‘green building’ in both curriculum and physical building changes or updates
  • monitoring CO2 levels and implementing changes to deal with rising levels throughout the day by using planted boxes, green walls and aquaponics systems in the classrooms
  • students have presented twice at the COP UN Climate Change conferences
  • excellent use of installed light sensors to assess potential for natural daylighting and reduce electricity consumption

The award was handed out at the Canada Green Building Council. Typically only one school is chosen as the winner, but the submissions were so impressive the council allowed a tie this year and Queen Elizabeth School shared the award with St. Marguerite d’Youville, an elementary school in Hamilton.

Queen Elizabeth School received a certificate and a $2,000 cheque to put towards a new or ongoing sustainability project.

 edmonton-alberta-october-22-2015-teacher-aaron-dublenko   7_Queen_Elizabeth-green_school-L

City of Edmonton 2015 School Yard Clean Up Winners

From April to June each year, Capital City Clean Up offers elementary, junior and senior high students an opportunity to show school pride and share the responsibility of a cleaner community.

This year, there were 131 Edmonton schools that signed up for the School Yard Clean Up program and the tidiest schools across the city won $500 cheques for an environmental project of their choice. Congratulations to these Edmonton Public School winners:

  • Brander Gardens School
  • Eastglen High School
  • École J.A. Fife School
  • Edmonton Christian Northeast School
  • Hardisty School
  • L.Y Cairns School
  • Mary Butterworth School
  • Menisa Elementary School
  • Norwood School
  • Patricia Heights
  • Tipaskan Elementary School
To see a list of all the 2015 participants, see the Schoolyard Clean Up Recognition poster!

Hillview School Wins People's Choice at the 2014 Emerald Awards

Hillview School won the Emerald Foundation's People Choice Award. Hillview School has been on the road to green over the last few years. It started simply with an annual school-wide Earth Day fair. Last year, Juno award winner Peter Lenton spent a week helping students write, record and perform songs about environmental stewardship. This year, Hillview hosted an Energy Convention where speakers shared their expertise with students, who in turn, created short films on environmental topics. The school's green efforts are varied and now include AquaFarms and gardens in the classrooms and motion sensors in the main washrooms to conserve water and paper. Congratulations Hillview School!

In addition, Herman Chang of Hillview School was named Energy Educator of the Year through Canadian Geographic's Energy Diet Challenge. He was one of four educators across Canada to receive the honour.

9912220   9815244

Queen Elizabeth School Wins 2014 Emerald Award

The Emerald Youth Award was presented to Queen Elizabeth School at a ceremony in Calgary on June 5.  The awards recognizes environmental efforts within schools or other organizations in Alberta.

Student Led Initiatives for Sustainability Education (SLISE) teacher Aaron Dublenklo, from Queen Elizabeth School, inspires students to look at ways they can create a sustainable environment through education and work for positive change in the world.  Below are some of the Environmental projects the SLISE team is involved with:

  • Solar Lanterns for Ile La Vach - in October 2010 the SLISE program raised $2500.00 and built 10 solar lanterns which have been sent to Haiti. Students worked collaboratively to learn about solar technology and its beneficial application in developing regions of the world.

  • Smart Meters - SLISE has been awarded a grant for $5000.00 from Devon oil and gas to install smart meters in the school which will be used to monitor electrical consumption via public internet displays. Students will be using the data to set targets for reduction of electrical usage, estimated cost savings and carbon reduction will be two measures of success.

  • Indoor Gardening - the SLISE program has also received an indoor gardening package worth $1000.00 which was obtained through an application process with Evergreen society and Alberta Agriculture. Students will be growing vegetables with the use of a grow light and earth boxes.

  • LifeStraws for Haiti - SLISE is raising $5500.00 to purchase lifestraws which are a water filtration straw that can reduce all water borne illnesses by 99.9999%, the straws have been proven effective against cholera for example. Schools such as Amiskwaciy Academy and Greenfield Elementary and many others will join efforts to raise the funds. Employees of the Edmonton Public Libraries have also contributed.

Congratulations to Aaron and the students members of SLISE at Queen Elizabeth!

Environmental and Social Justice Recognition Event

In 2014, the EnviroMatters Office held an Environmental and Social Justice Initiatives Event at Queen Elizabeth School, in conjunction with the first day of Waste Reduction Week in Canada.

The event featured six schools each presenting their current environmental and social justice initiatives in five-minute videos.  The video screening was followed by an awards ceremony recognizing each school for their commendable efforts.

The following schools were each presented with a certificate of excellence and commitment to modeling best practices in the District:

  • Florence Hallock School
  • Jasper Place High School
  • Queen Elizabeth High School
  • Kate Chegwin School
  • Rutherford Elementary School
  • M.E. LaZerte High School

School videos and event day photos have been made available online, via various social media platforms, for the general public and all district staff and students to view!

To view the videos, please follow this link.

City of Edmonton 2014 School Yard Clean Up Winners

The City of Edmonton’s 2014 Schoolyard Clean Up program ran in the spring from May to June. There were over 109 Edmonton schools that took part in the Schoolyard Clean Up to help put litter in its place.

From all of the city schools that took part in the program, 11 schools were judged by City of Edmonton Parks staff as being the tidiest.  Those schools received $500 cheques for an environmental project of their choice. The Edmonton Public Schools that won in the Tidiest Schoolyard category were: Eastglen High School, École Greenfield School, Edmonton Christian Northeast School, Hardisty K-9 School, Kate Chegwin School, Menisa Elementary School and Westlawn School.

Congratulations to these schools and to all the students and staff for their efforts to help clean up their schoolyards and communities. In the end the real winner is the environment!

Hillview School Wins a Computer Lab Through Recycle for Education

Hillview School and teacher Herman Chang have won a $25,000 computer lab from the Staples Canada Recycle for Education program - in collaboration with Earth Day Canada. Herman wrote an essay based on the green initiatives that he, fellow teacher Guy Joslin and the students and staff at Hillview have engaged in over the past few years. Hillview was one of 10 schools chosen from across Canada based on their commitment to the environment.

Congratulations Hillview!

Update: M.E. LaZerte School also won a $25,000 computer lab from Staples. Congratulations!

Passion for E-Recycling School Challenge Winners

The winners in the for E-recycling School Challenge have been announced. The challenge engaged elementary students within the District to bring in electronic waste from home to their schools from October 15 to October 22, 2012. The e-waste was then safely and responsibly recycled, preventing hazardous environmental contamination and needless waste of natural resources. The three schools with the most pounds of e-waste collected (divided by the number of students) are:

1st Place – Rutherford School
2nd place – James Gibbons School
3rd place – J.A. Fife School
*The first place school was awarded a $15,000 technology grant and the second and third place winners were awarded technology grants of $7,500 each. Technology grants include printers, laptops, tablets, computer monitors and TVs.

In the two weeks of the challenge, the 28 participating Edmonton Public Schools together collected more than 210,000 pounds (95,254.4 kg) of electronic waste from the community.

Well done to all the schools that participated!

CP5021556-Samsung_Rutherford3   Edmonton_passion_for_e-recycling_winners

M.E. LaZerte Wins Zero Waste Award for the 2012 Alberta Student Leadership Conference

Through the efforts of students and staff, almost 100% of the conference waste was composted. Waste Management sponsored the industrial compost bins and the biodegradable/paper plates, cups, utensils. The student delegates received good one-sided paper notebooks that were hand-made by the leadership students at M.E. LaZerte, diverting over 14,000 sheets of paper that were reused for this conference.

In an effort to further reduce waste, students were given a single set of utensils to use over the three day period. As a result only 700, instead of 3500, sets of utensils were used. Students were also given a bottle of Gatorade in their conference bag and asked to re-use it throughout the length of the conference.

In 2012 M.E. LaZerte was presented with an R's of Excellence Award by the Recycling Council of Alberta for their zero waste event efforts!

BP Canada A+ for Energy Award Winners

Five District schools have scored an A+ for their innovative ideas for creating a greener environment. BP Canada has awarded Amiskwaciy Academy, Baturyn, Greenview, Hillview and Kate Chegwin with their A+ for Energy grants to help fund their environmental projects and each school will receive a $10,000 grant.

The projects allow students to explore and learn about issues related to the environment such as conservation, waste management and climate change. Please click here for a full list of all the winning Edmonton schools and a summary of their projects.

The A+ for Energy program from BP Canada Energy Company recognizes Alberta K-12 educators who use innovative ideas to teach students about energy, conservation and the environment.

BP_A1   BP_A2

Student from McNally School Wins the 2012 TD Scholarship for Community Leadership

Claire Edwards has won a scholarship of up to $70,000.00 for beginning an initiative to replace disposable plastic bottles with refillable bottles at her high school. In just a few months, approximately six thousand bottles were diverted from landfills.

Claire also established an Amnesty International Club at her school and led a letter-writing campaign to promote the provision of clean drinking water on First Nations reserves.

Holyrood School wins $40, 000 Aviva Community Fund grant

The Aviva Community Fund has awarded Holyrood School $40,000.00 for their Courtyard Classroom project, which was chosen as one of 12 winners out of 366 submissions from across Canada!

The Courtyard Classroom is an inclusive project that not only benefits the students at Holyrood School, but also the community and wildlife around the school. The low maintenance courtyard will provide a safe, secure space for students and community members and now has five raised beds for vegetables, native shrub and plant beds, small trees, log seating and gravel pathways. Students are able to harvest and enjoy the produce they grow.

For more information on Holyrood’s Courtyard Classroom, visit the Aviva Community Fund website here.

Courtyard2   hr3

Avalon Students Design a School of The Future

Four students from Avalon Junior High School were involved in the visioning, design and research of a school as part of the 2011 Council of Educational Facility Planners International (CEFPI) School of the FutureDesign Competition. The grade 7 and 8 students started the project back in September, meeting with teacher Dan Tarney during the lunch hours. Over the following months, the students continued to refine their vision of what a school of the future would look like.

Students learned about environmental design, as well as renewable energy and computer drafting applications. Students worked with two mentors, Mumtaz Anwar and Byung-Hee Kang from ACI Architecture in Edmonton, to create a unique and functional school with various features. The students achieved first in the provincial competition before finishing second in the Pacific Northwest regional division.

The students did extremely well in their design and the judges were impressed with their creativity and focus on making a truly unique school of the future. The students returned this year with an even stronger design and were announced as second place finalists in the design competition. Way to go Avalon!!

To become involved in this competition contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . For more information on this competition, please click here.

as1   Avalon_School_design_contest_00a

Westglen School a 2010 Emerald Award Recipient

The Alberta Emerald Foundation received 102 nominations for the Emerald Awards (plus 8 nominations for the new Emerald Certified Shared Footprints Awards). Their panel of ten independent expert judges carefully reviewed each nomination and then gathered for two days of deliberations in early April. From these deliberations, the judges identified 33 finalists, which were announced at a special reception on April 22nd(Earth Day). Westglen Elementary School and M.E. LaZerte High School were two of the schools announced as finalists in the "Education: School or Classroom" category.

On June 10th 450 people gathered at the Martha Cohen Theatre in Calgary to celebrate the 19th Annual Emerald Awards. After much anticipation and preparation, the Alberta Emerald Foundation presented eleven Emerald Awards and two Shared Footprints Awards, including the Education award to Westglen School for its work as a SEEDS Green School.

Congratulations to the students, staff, parents and community of Westglen School for this great accomplishment. A very well deserved honour!

The 2010 AMA Safety Award Presented to Ecole Richard Secord School

Congratulations to École Richard Secord School as they were one of the two recipients of the 2010 AMA School Zone Safety Award. The award was given out under the category of "Clean Air" for the school's work in their Idle Free campaign over the 2009-2010 school year.

The school submitted their entry in response to the question: How did your project help to reduce the amount of exhaust fumes around your school due to unnecessary idling?

The school will receive an award and a cheque for $1,000.

For more information on how the Idle Free Pilot project worked at Richard Secord and other district schools, click here

Honorable Mention for Solar Cooking at Jasper Place High School

Jasper Place High School students, under the direction of teacher Elwin Worobec, received an "Honourable Mention" in the Re-Energy.ca Solar Oven Challenge that involved students from across Canada.

Students completed the solar oven project as part of the Science 14 Heat Transfer Unit for a Knowledge and Employability class. The class of 12 students worked together to build one solar oven. They spent an 80-minute period cooking nachos in the solar oven.

Students learned about heat transfer and that solar energy can be used to cook food. Students also found that the use of a black tray is preferable as it would have absorbed more energy to help cook the food. The placement of the food in a cooking bag would have also trapped more heat and reduced cooking time. Following the construction plans and building the oven was also good application for some math concepts.

Students enjoyed the building process. They were easily able to follow the plans and needed only minor guidance.

For more information on solar ovens and other energy projects, visit http://www.re-energy.ca/

2010-jaspers-01   2010-jaspers-03

Crestwood and Steele Heights 2009 Capital City Clean Up Program Initiatives

As part of the City of Edmonton's 2009 Capital City Clean Up program, junior and senior high school students were invited to submit concepts for an advertising campaign that discourages littering. Dream Up a Clean Up!

Two students from Crestwood School submitted this year's winning entry. The students were acknowledged by the City of Edmonton at an event held at the school on June 15. Over the next few months, the public service announcements will be aired on multiple TV stations and posters will be distributed during September.

Another piece of the Capital City Clean Up program was the School Litter Reduction Challenge. Junior high schools were encouraged to develop innovative plans to reduce litter in their school. Submissions had to include a detailed plan and a follow-up report outlining what was accomplished and what outcomes were achieved.

Steele Heights' students organized a series of activities that resulted in a 50 per cent reduction of litter at the school. Some of the initiatives included having their custodian speak at a school assembly about litter and the impact litter has in Canada versus his home country of El Salvador. Other initiatives included a team of students sharing their message with McLeod School students and hosting lunch events that were designed to minimize litter. The City of Edmonton recognized the students at an event held at the school on Wednesday, June 10.

As a result of winning the Capital City Clean Up

program initiatives, both Crestwood and Steele Heights schools will receive a $2,000 grant to support a beautification and environmental project that improves their school.


Has your school won an award for environmental stewardship?  Tell us about it! Contact us at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it